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Air Sealing

Why air seal your home or business?

Air leakage through holes, gaps, and cracks is the single biggest cause of home heating and cooling loss. It actually accounts for 30 to 50 percent of the energy used in most homes. If you took all the gaps and cracks around window and door frames, electrical outlets, plumbing lines, under the siding, in the basement, and in many other places, they'd add up to a space the size of a standard window. So essentially, you're heating and cooling your house year-round with a window open. Closing that window is the equivalent of closing your wallet to the high cost of heating your home. Using expanding foam to fill in those gaps and cracks, will seal them off from the outside and prevent the cold or hot air infiltration from reducing the efficiency of your heating or cooling system.

Air sealing locations

There are many, many places in a structure that have penetrations or cracks that need to be sealed. Although this may seem like a very DIY project for the handy homeowner but your certified Greenways Insulation specialists know where to look and how to address and properly seal them.

Seal all small cracks and gaps

Research identifies 19 key areas where air sealing can improve a home's energy efficiency, comfort, and building durability. This information can help you identify those problem areas and allow you to work with Greenway's Insulation professionals to identify problem areas, prioritize projects, and start sealing the air leaks in your home for cost-effective energy savings.

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