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Thermal Imaging Services


What is Thermal Imaging?

Infrared thermal imaging inspections for residential applications utilize the same technology found in military, aerospace, and medical applications. Infrared thermal inspections have helped home owners, home buyers, real estate investors, general contractors, renovators, home inspectors, home builders, and home improvement specialists save time and money when evaluating building issues and quality. Thermal Infrared Inspections are vital in the Central New York region due to our climate and seasonal conditions. Thermal Imaging inspections can identify problems that can lead to high energy costs so that they can be addressed and repaired. Infrared Inspection Technology can identify environmental and building concerns and greatly reduce damage and repair costs associated with them.

Thermal Imaging Applications

  • Water and moisture intrusion inspection scans
  • Thermal insulation inspection scans
  • Flat roof inspection scans
  • Pitched roof inspection scans
  • Building envelope inspection scans
  • Air infiltration / Heat loss scans
  • HVAC component scans
  • Radiant heating system inspection scans and locating

What can Thermal Imaging do?

  • Missing or marginal insulation can increase heating and cooling costs in homes and commercial buildings as well as creating occupant discomfort and often times moisture issues. Once the finished walls, ceilings, and floors are installed, identifying missing or marginal insulation is impractical and often impossible without the use of destructive measures.
    Before and After Insulation Installation
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging inspections now make it possible to identify missing and marginal insulation without the need for destructive or invasive measures. Our technology allows us to "see" behind walls, ceilings, and floors to identify insulation issues easily and quickly.
  • Once problem areas are identified with the thermal imagry, the insulation experts at Greenways insulation can seal off and repair the issues with specialized tools and techniques to make your home warm and comfortable.

Problems identified and repaired

  • After a thorough Infrared Thermal Imaging analysis of your home, problems may be addressed based upon their severity. Small problems may be addressed via drilling small holes and injecting expnanding spray foam while other larger problems may need re-insulating via the least invasive methods possible.

Air Sealing for savings

  • The first step to remedying identified issues is usually through the use of air-sealing spray foam. For new construction and remodelling, the use of Eco-Seal has proven time and again to eliminate air leaks. Please see our Air Sealing page for more information.
Thermal Image of Window

Missing insulation

  • Often older home construction practices did not include thermal insulation in exterior walls until more recently as required by building codes. Traditional inspections are very limited in the ability to identify missing wall insulation. We can save our residential clients both time and money by identifying energy loss areas with our advanced Infrared Thermal Imaging capabilities.
Thermal Image of Ceiling

Air infiltration and intrusion

  • Heat loss can also occur via air infiltration or air intrusion. Often building practices are lax in new construction and older homes were simply built "loosely". Cold/hot air intrusion can account for a significant amount of your heating and cooling bills. Often homeowners complain of cold rooms or uncomfortable areas in certain rooms. Infrared thermal imaging inspections identify precisely where the heat loss and air intrusion is occurring. Many times the repairs are as simple as sealing leaks with several tubes of caulk and spray foam but on occasion, the repairs can be significant to correct builder oversights.

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